Shopify Ecommerce Website Builder and the Services they Offer

Read this article and discover everything you need to know about Shopify ecommerce website builder and the services they offer!


Shopify is probably the best ecommerce website builder in the market. This popular Canadian company allows users from all over the world to make a fully functional, beautiful, and modern online store in just a few minutes.

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By using the Shopify ecommerce website builder you can build your own website, customize it the way you want. In other words, Shopify allows you to create an ecommerce store of your dreams for a small monthly fee.

In this article, we aren’t just going to discuss how great ecommerce website builder Shopify is but also we are going to present the resources and services they offer:

    • Easy to use ecommerce website builder: As we already said, there is no better website builder in Canada, in the US or anywhere else than Shopify. The builder will help you create an online store and have it hosted on their own server.
    • Hosting: When creating an online store, it requires for you to buy a hosting package. This means that you will need to rent a bandwidth and storage space from one of the web hosting companies available. The storage is really necessary for storing the information you need to maintain a secure and functional website. With Shopify, you don’t have to worry about these things are you are already covered with hosting by your monthly fee.
    • Domain name: The domain name is the name of your website and this name appears in the URL of the search browser. Each ecommerce site is assigned to a different and unique domain according to the store name that the user has created when signing up.
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  • Blog and page management feature: The online store works properly if it is attached to a great content marketing plan. Ecommerce solution Shopify allows you to create your own blog that goes with your store. This is great as it will help you to build a community around your shop. It will also help you create a content that will attract the attention of new potential shoppers. This will certainly increase the reach and the visibility of the store.
  • Store management services – As a user, you will be able to make use of the information gathering features that come with the Shopify plan. By using the store management services, you can keep track of the customers who purchase from your store and have access to the sales information gathered by the system.

By using Shopify ecommerce website builder and taking advantage of the services they offer you will build a great, fully functional, responsive, and successful ecommerce website.